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FUN Facts

  • Did you know that 20% of all the Websites in the world are WordPress?
  • Small publishing companies use it to allow many writers to access the website
  • Many enterpreneurs use it as an easy way to establish a presence online, offer their services and products
  • It is a marvelous platform for the world of blogging
  • Based on PHP scripting language, WordPress is stable and flexible
  • As an open-source project, it is lovingly improved by a community of programmers

Advocacy for Those with Mental Illness

Last night the director of the Barbara Schneider Foundation appeared on Fox News to talk about the impact of a shooting in the Twin Cities 10 years ago. Mark Anderson heads this advocacy and crisis training organization.
Why did Barbara Schneider’s tragic death start a change for the better? Police officers entered her apartment, she was in a state of mania and threatened them with a knife, leading them to over-react and shoot her.
Visit the Barbara Schneider Foundation Website

KMSP Fox 9 interview of Mark Anderson on the 10th anniversary (6-13-2010) of Barbara Schneider’s tragic death.