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Annual Fall Community Bonfire

Friday, October 13th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
Location: Martin Luther King Park
We’ll have hot cider and s’mores, a story-teller and fire breathers after sun down! Bring a friend and a lawn chair–it’s free, and all ages are welcome!
Hosted by KFNA and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

Welcome to WordPress Workshop

FUN Facts

  • Did you know that 20% of all the Websites in the world are WordPress?
  • Small publishing companies use it to allow many writers to access the website
  • Many enterpreneurs use it as an easy way to establish a presence online, offer their services and products
  • It is a marvelous platform for the world of blogging
  • Based on PHP scripting language, WordPress is stable and flexible
  • As an open-source project, it is lovingly improved by a community of programmers

Brown Christmas 2011

Let’s pray for a brown Christmas this year. I cannot think of one Minnesotan who is hoping for more of what we had last year. Seventy-three inches of snow by midwinter.

The Strib’s meteorologist, Paul Douglas, put it in perspective last February:

“If we pick up 10? from this storm we’ll have the unique distinction of living through the second snowiest winter since 1891. Only 1982 had more snow as of now (76?). Take a bow – this is turning into a truly historic winter for snow.”

Of course, I have selfish reasons for wishing this Christmas wish. Don’t you too?

Won’t Dance

I went to a prime dancing event this weekend. The band played for 4 hours and delivered a vast array of polkas, waltzes, big Band-era tunes. Also, the folks attending wouldn’t care a wit if you couldn’t do the chicken dance.

Moonflowers was terribly disappointed by her male companion’s refusal to dance. He has always been up for dancing before. I believe he downed 6 large pints of fine Munich beer. But no, he won’t dance. Hates. Polka.

When I related how I was disappointed with my first husband’s behavior in the same vein. He told me that it was “passive-aggressive” behavior. Funny that he missed my point.

read this later

Advocacy for Those with Mental Illness

Last night the director of the Barbara Schneider Foundation appeared on Fox News to talk about the impact of a shooting in the Twin Cities 10 years ago. Mark Anderson heads this advocacy and crisis training organization.
Why did Barbara Schneider’s tragic death start a change for the better? Police officers entered her apartment, she was in a state of mania and threatened them with a knife, leading them to over-react and shoot her.
Visit the Barbara Schneider Foundation Website

KMSP Fox 9 interview of Mark Anderson on the 10th anniversary (6-13-2010) of Barbara Schneider’s tragic death.


Here is a journey to the dark side and back. The struggle that alcoholics face to maintain sobriety and regain the trust of the world is a tough one.

Joseph Balzer, American Airlines pilot, and author of “Flying Drunk: The True Story of a Northwest Airline Flight, Three Drunk Pilots and One Man’s Fight for Redemption” speaks of his arrest, incarceration, alcoholism and recovery. In 1990, the flight crew of three, flying a Northwest Airlines 727 from Fargo to MSP was caught flying while under the influence of alcohol. Many factors contributed to this error: personalities of the crew, incorrect flight charts and fear of intimidation, as well as intoxication.

Listen to the podcast: Joseph Balzer Interview on World of Aviation
Visit Joseph Balzer’s Website Flying Drunk